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Why Do I Need a Marketing Firm?

When you hire H2M-Solutions you can be confident your small business marketing is in the hands of a company that has experience in all aspects of marketing a small business. We promise to empowered you, the business owner, by making sure you are educated in all the options available and the steps we recommend to enhance your small business visibility.

When you work with other marketing firms you are often left in the dark, meaning you have no idea what you are paying for - OR, more importantly if it is working. The bottom line is - with their shotgun approach, you cannot be sure what is affecting your bottom line. You may be able to see that things are being done - but you will have no idea how your business is being impacted by the different marketing strategies. Because their business model depends on the AMOUNT of advertising you do - NOT on your results. I TOTALLY DISAGREE with that.

Your Success is Our Responsibility AND Our Passion

The fact of the matter is, as a small business owner, you are great at what you do, but you probably didn't learn marketing along with your trade. And when you go into business, you are instantly bombarded with dozens of opportunities to advertise your business - all of which claim to be the best and most effective way to 'get your name out there'.

At H2M-Solutions, our goal is for you to always be satisfied with the work we provide. We think of the marketing as the most fun part of the business. And when you see the increase to your profit - you will too!

Your Business is Different - Your Marketing Should Be Too!

No company is the same, so we do not approach you with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our full-service digital marketing and advertising agency will take the time to learn about YOUR business, YOUR goals, YOUR budget and develop a campaign that is completely customized for you.

We will guide you through our unique process of creating a business marketing plan to determine the best goals for your business, the appropriate budget that you can afford, then the best strategies for reaching those goals. We use a combination of online and offline techniques such as - email marketing, loyalty programs, text/sms marketing, referral programs, website design, blogging, social media, SEO and direct mail. What sets us apart is our ability to innovate, change and recommend things that are trending at the time in order to capture more leads and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Marketing is what we do, so let us help you set yourself apart! Our comprehensive small business marketing strategies are perfect for any business. Call us today to get started!

What Makes H2M-Solutions Different?

Automated Systems

You don't need to hire a fill-time marketing manager when you have us!

We design campaigns for your business and put the technology and systems in place to keep them running.

Measurable Results

Part of your frustration with marketing and advertising is inability to track and measure. We make it easy with our systems. And you receive a Performance Summary to let you know what is working and how well.

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

You DON'T have to spend more to make more - you need to spend wisely!

Our systems are customized for your business and your specific, desired results - as well as your budget

What We Do to Make Your Business Soar

Online Presence

We don't want just your website to show up high in the search results - we want you to dominate the first page. We make sure you stand out from the crowd with improved listings.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing boasts engagement of up to 8X higher than traditional marketing.

We can help you manage the different profiles and make sure the right message is projected.

Mobile App Marketing

Your customers want to connect with you on the go and are willing to spend more when you make it easy! We can make sure your business is ready for the mobile lifestyle of your customer.

Reputation Management

You want to be in control of what people see about your business online so we help you develop a positive business reputation, so you determine what potential customers see.

Loyalty Programs

A current, buying customer is easier to sell than a new one. So treat them right! We help you identify your most active customers and boost their loyalty - and your profit!

Video Marketing

Video consumption doubles every year and 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. We have a proprietary system to create and rank your videos

Is This a Fit For My Business?

Our Simple Process

Our Marketing Agency solutions are the perfect fit for fast-growing companies with a solid product or service and a good reputation. Companies that have a solid system in place to handle an influx of new leads and are just looking for the jump-start to grow their business to the next level.

Your Company Is a Perfect Fit if You are Ready to:
  • Attract More of the RIGHT Customer
  • Attract Leads Ready to Buy Without Salesperson Involvement
  • Scale Your Lead Generation Without Scaling Your Team
  • Deliver a Steady Stream of Prospects to Your Sales Funnel
  • Increase Your Visibility Across More Platforms
  • Educate Your Customers Before They Buy
So, What Are You Waiting For?
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