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Short Bio:

Holly Blackwell is a Small Business Marketing Advocate, Writer/Blogger, Speaker/Teacher. Holly Blackwell (owner of H2M-Solutions) champions the cause of small businesses in Texas by helping them define their purpose – then creating marketing and advertising solutions that attract and create loyal customers without breaking the bank on advertising. She wants to make sure businesses can thrive no matter what the economy is doing!

Holly has worked with a diverse spectrum of businesses ranging from self employed consultants to billion dollar corporations, sole proprietorships to medical professionals, real estate sales to a horse farm for sale, as well as with a number of non-profit organizations, retail businesses and professional service providers.

Want a Little More?

Internet Marketing is Holly Blackwell’s love and passion behind the Bible and her family. She designs websites for Abilene businesses from her home on a real live Texas ranch

My name is Holly Blackwell and I have been marketing online since 2008. I wanted to build my own website and learn how to bring people to that website. Since then I have built several websites and businesses online and worked to help many people get their businesses online then create solid online marketing campaigns.

In 2009, I had an epiphany! Others DON’T know how to do this and it is essential for small businesses to be online.

So, I helped a few people with their small business marketing and online marketing. They then told some other people who told some other people… and they saw results.

Finally, I decided that I was tired of seeing small businesses in Abilene struggle. I hate seeing terrible websites, half-done marketing campaigns, languishing social media sites. I hate hearing “I tried that and it didn’t work” or “My customers just don’t use the internet to find me” or “I’m paying hundreds of dollars for SEO a month – but I don’t know if I am getting any customers from it. (By the way, what exactly IS SEO?)”

It can be fixed and your business deserves to thrive not just survive!

So, I have a new mission.

H2M-solutions Will Help Businesses in Abilene and the Big Country Attract and Create Loyal Customers Without Breaking the Bank on Advertising So They Can THRIVE No Matter What the Economy is Doing.

Other information about Holly Blackwell:

I am the wife of a rancher. The mom of one tireless son. A teacher for an awesome Bible Study. I run my business from my home. I love coffee, chocolate, biking, native plant gardening, reading, and playing games with said son.