B2B Marketing

Digital marketing is the order of the day. Today, any B2B company that wants to be adapted to the market, must contemplate B2B marketing strategies for their business. But what do they consist of and how do you achieve success with them?


What is B2B marketing?

The term B2B refers to Business to Business. In other words, it is an expression of business marketing that designates a business model whose focus is on selling services or products to other companies.


That is, instead of selling services or products to a certain range of clients, end consumers, or individuals, B2B companies sell services to other companies so that they have the inputs they need or so they can function better.


Next, you will be able to know the 5 strategies that will make you increase your sales with B2B marketing exponentially.


B2B Marketing Strategies

Generate real conversations with your customers

In the paradigm shift of the last time, it is of great importance not to try to sell from the first moment. That is why we must understand the purchasing process of our public and accompany them to make the best decision.


But how can we understand him and accompany him? Simply by listening to his needs, taking advantage of his desire for education, and satisfying him through webinars, content, and good use of social networks.


In this way, in the long term, a bond based on trust can be established that will last over time. All this thanks to having real conversations (Conversational Marketing).


Define your buyer persona

Marketing has become more and more customer-centric over the last few years, and somewhat slowly (previously it was product-focused). Therefore, today more than ever it is important that B2B marketing clearly knows the profile of your buyer persona, that it is attentive to their demands, what they need and how they should be given it effectively. This Buyer Person is the person who represents a target or profile of our target audience.


Maximize your online presence

You should know that between 60% and 90% of decisions to buy a B2B product are made online; even before the person contacts the company to purchase the product or service. For this reason, we can affirm that a huge part of the search is done online.


Therefore; B2B marketing has to bet on the presence of the company on the internet in its different formats and channels.


Invest in digital advertising

The advertising guideline is an excellent way to make yourself known in the media that interest us most. Although Google Adwords (SEM) leads to high investments from companies, Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) should not be neglected. Before we start with this, it is important to determine where our target audience is.


Also, as an important piece of information, you should know that LinkedIn is the best platform to implement B2B Marketing. Therefore, it is a good option to invest in advertising on this social network.


Make good use of metrics

B2B marketing must be 100% measurable. Today some tools allow good monitoring, and it is very important to discover what are the most effective actions to focus on them.