Finding Your Target Market

target market

Finding your target audience is difficult. Many businesses make the assumption that their product and services are suitable for everyone. A strategic marketing plan should be specific to your target audience. It is more accessible to concentrate on the target audience, locating your customer demographic, and figuring out which tool will best attract them. 

The following steps will help you identify your target market; 

Steps to identify your target market

Determining your Demographics 

Everybody does not need your product or services. You have to create a caricature of your ideal client. Young or old? Conservative or liberal? You should also be in a position to figure out their economic bracket, level of education, and their interest in the product or service you are offering. Once these are defined, it becomes easier to focus your marketing strategy on those more interested in what you are offering. 

Determining your customers’ needs 

Once you have a clear idea of the type of person, you have to prioritize their specific needs according to what your business is offering. You need to identify the problem they face and why your product or service is the solution. Once you are in their shoes, you will efficiently address their concerns with your product. 

Determining how your customers find you 

In the current generation, there are different forms of communication, from texting to calling. Everybody will have a different receptive to the same modes of communication.  Based on your ideal customers, you may consider running print ads, Twitter ads in case your target market are millennials and via channels from which they will quickly get the information readily available.  

Assume your customers are mobile 

Due to the increase in the technological sector, more and more people are connecting with the world via mobile devices, whether it’s through reading news, communicating, or shopping online. If you want to reach a wider market audience, make sure always to include mobile advertisement.  

After determining your target market, here are ways to start marketing: 

  1. Publishing contents to all social media 
  1. Purchasing online ads 
  1. Making use of brand advocates 
  1. Co-marketing with similar brands 

Choosing your target market and then reaching out to grow your business takes time. It would help if you are persistent and engaged. The more you become authentic and the more engaging you are, the more your business will grow. 


H2M Solutions: The Best Option for All Your Marketing Needs

H2M Solutions

Marketing is a significant part of any business, and at H2M Solutions, we are aware of that. All your profits stem from your marketing efforts. That’s why you need the right fit for your marketing needs. This means a marketing company that resonates with your marketing goal.

Knowing the purpose of your marketing and understanding is vital. You also need a marketing solution to capture your target audience, keeping your customers at the forefront. With such efforts, you get to achieve the following in your marketing: 

  • Increase your visibility and presence 
  • Attract more customers from your target audience 
  • Get repeat business and close more sales
  • Make sure your marketing actually works 

Most of the businesses we’ve worked with cited some issues we saw as important to address. For example, H2M solutions focus on your entire business and not only the advertising. Marketing companies make the mistake of focusing on advertising, leaving the other parts of the business. 

Another advantage of having H2M solutions handle your marketing needs is technology. This is a marketing business that gives your business an automated system. The automated system is dedicated to your business and works even when you sleep. 

Top Tier H2M Marketing Solutions 

Businesses today don’t simply spend for the sake of it. Today, every business has to justify every coin they spend and show results for the same. H2M Solutions spends your marketing dollars marketing your business and shows the results for it.

All your marketing dollars are maximized, and you spend on marketing only on what works for your business. It is sometimes futile to employ a marketing strategy known to work for other business models but has never been successful for your business model. This means having measurable results for all marketing strategies such that you know what is working for you and maximize it. 

With H2M Solutions, you get all the freedom to do what you do best. You save on time and money that you would have spent on marketing. The business benefits from the latest marketing without you doing any of the learning. The success in our marketing strategies applies to all businesses.

H2M Solutions isn’t bound by any particular marketing platform, tool, or fad. Your business gets unlimited access to the best technology in marketing. The marketing tools used at H2M Solutions find the holes in your marketing efforts and helps maximize your profits. 

You can implement as numerous marketing strategies as possible. However, we all know that might not be the best for your business. It is expensive, and you spend a lot of time trying to figure out the strategies working for your business and the ones that are a waste of your money. Instead of dealing with all this, contact H2M Solutions and have your business soar.

Why is it important to have a community manager?

Community Manager

This is one of the big questions that produce a great debate within the work team of every company in these times. 


Why is it important to have a Community Manager? Today companies of different sizes are included in their team of Community Managers, who are experts in charge of managing your brand throughout the Internet.


A Community Manager is a highly responsible professional capable of building and managing your online community, as well as managing the identity and image of your brand, establishing and maintaining firm and lasting relationships with your clients and your fans on the internet.


For all of this to happen in perfect harmony, the Community Manager must fully understand your company, your philosophy, your field of business, and establish communication objectives together with some departments.


After having carried out an analysis on the situation of your company, the moment comes when the Community Manager must choose which platforms are the ones that will help your company to generate a greater reputation, so that in this way you can generate more customers, as well as you also get closer to your customers.


Why should you have a Community Manager?

In essence, it is because this way you will be able to obtain the highest possible profitability, which makes this an essential part for your company or business to carry out good administration on your social networks, because it will always be up to date with the latest news, new technologies, creating quality content for your customers or users about your company and your commercial personality.


Likewise, the Community Manager is that digital nexus that unites your company with your clients or potential clients more directly, quickly, and on a day-to-day basis, generating a fluid dialogue and resolving doubts correctly and quickly.


A Community Manager is in charge of producing a bilateral chat with the user, as well as making their experience with your company personalized for each client, creating quality content to make the difference between your brand and that of your competitors.


In the same way, the Community Manager can increase the knowledge of current customers and potential customers, it also can become the ears of your company in the digital world, allowing you to collect feedback from your customers and use it to propose improvements. internal to your company.


What are the main functions that the Community Manager would perform?

The functions of this worker are capable of adapting to the strategies and needs of any company so that in this way you can get the most out of online tools and make your business grow and always remain on the agenda.


All these actions will make the image of your company improve and therefore be more visible, a simple example is when a user searches for a brand and does not find it in a short time, the opinion is usually not good, so it is essential to be Always a few steps from the client, being the Community Manager who is in charge of making the image that he receives about you is positive.


You must take into account that many more people will see you online than physically, therefore, the image that is transmitted must be the best face of your company. This translates into another advantage of having a Community Manager since this is in charge of multiplying your reach and reaching as many users as possible.


Besides, a Community Manager agency will manage the statistics and metrics of your company’s publications, this will allow you to obtain more information about the notoriety and position that your company has in the digital environment, therefore it is possible to act according to the information collected.

Know the phases of effective marketing

Effective marketing

In today’s world, once we have a good offer, Marketing becomes the most important thing. Make no mistake, because, without effective Marketing, we will not sell.


Over time, the Marketing system that has worked best for many people is the one that is divided into phases. They are the stages through which, naturally, we are going to get attention and, of course, sales, which in the end is what interests us. Next, we will explain each phase of effective marketing so that you take it into account from now on.


Phase 1 of effective marketing


This means getting potential clients who need me to know that I exist and to come to my door. Or in other words, to get my offer put in front of interested eyes.


When you do not have money, this is the most difficult part of effective marketing, since attraction is almost always done with some kind of promotion, and promoting yourself is not usually free.


When we don’t have money for ads, we have to do a lot of that promotion ourselves. We are going to have to knock on doors, make calls, and write emails. There is no other way and yes, it is not the most grateful task in the world. Most of the time we do it, they will say no, but that is normal.


Phase 2 of effective marketing


Once I have attracted potential clients to my door, (or they know I exist and take me into account for their decisions) I must convince them that I am the best option among all possible ones.


If I attract a lot of stakeholders because I am an expert at making noise, but then my product is mediocre, all that attention generated has been a wasted effort. They will not take the last important step that is the purchase.


So, attraction and persuasion are two equally essential columns to get a customer, which is the ultimate goal of effective Marketing. If the columns are out of balance or one of them is non-existent, the structure can be seriously affected.


So if I want to make it effective, I will have to improve both my ability to Attract and my ability to Persuade. 


How can you persuade? The two most important elements are: Demonstrate and have personal persuasiveness. That is, intimately know the fundamental principles of persuasion and apply them.


Phase 3 of effective marketing


This is the phase where, unknowingly, most entrepreneurs fail, which is a shame because it is the most important.


Here we are talking about monitoring both the customer obtained and the contact obtained, but who has not yet purchased. Many companies stop their Marketing when they close the sale. That is a “beginner’s” mistake and, worse, very costly.


It is also important to follow up on contacts who have not bought from us. Almost all entrepreneurs play all or nothing in selling. If they get it, great, but if not, then they don’t try anything anymore. And that is the least profitable path of effective marketing.


Phase 4 of effective marketing

Control and continuous improvement

This means collecting data on our Marketing actions, calculating the value of the key indicators, and seeing what is working and what is not.


Effective Marketing is a process of continuous improvement, where we insist on what works and modify or eliminate (if it is the case) what does not.


How much does it cost us to get a client? How much can we afford to invest to attract one? What media are they bringing in customers?


Without control of indicators, effective Marketing is like playing roulette and that is a bad business strategy because the bank always wins. And yes, this last phase may be boring and uncreative, but true entrepreneurs are those capable of carrying out these kinds of actions.

The best inbound marketing strategies

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing strategies have become very important in the world of digital marketing. In fact, these strategies are a fundamental piece in any action that aims to attract the consumer. For this, content and experiences are offered that are not invasive.


Likewise, inbound marketing strategies try to make themselves visible to the consumer in a natural way. And, for this, betting on quality content is the most important thing.


In this way, web positioning, content, and social networks worked together are essential for inbound marketing strategies to work. 


Do you know what are the main benefits for brands that bet on this type of inbound marketing strategies?


  • Attract quality leads. The fact of combining good content with different marketing techniques attracts quality leads to your website.
  • Improve branding and brand recognition.
  • Marketing automation. The ability to attract and educate the user through automated messages and interactions is an aspect to be considered by any company. Besides, personalization is one of the fundamental pieces to optimize any strategy.
  • Users are loyal. In addition to adding new customers, inbound marketing strategies facilitate the loyalty of those already captured.


Some of the channels that every inbound marketing strategy should consider:


Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategies that rely on owned media for distribution. The owned media are the media or channels that a certain brand owns. 


Spaces through which the brand communicates with its viewers, users, or subscribers. In other words, it is the company itself that has the power and exclusive rights over the publication. The one that sets the rules of the game.


However, it is important to understand that content marketing is not the same as creating a corporate blog. Taking into account the behavior, needs, and keywords related to the buyer persona your brand is targeting, it will be much easier for you to determine what type of content to create and share.



SEO and content marketing strategies are the perfect combo to improve web positioning in the main search engines. And for that very reason, you must learn how to write SEO optimized content.


Otherwise, you will not increase organic traffic to your website. And there is nothing better than achieving natural positioning. Having a quality website and optimized content ensures that Google’s tracking technology will identify and index the content on your site so that it is displayed naturally to users who are interested in it.


Social Media

In inbound marketing strategies, offering good content is not everything. In fact, if you add to that a fluid, interesting, and constant conversation with your audience, you will be closer to succeeding.


Determining which platforms are most relevant to your target audience is one of the first steps you should take. An arduous task but one that is worth it. Social networks are an ideal platform for companies and users to interact and exchange opinions. And, besides, the different social ads allow high levels of segmentation.


Email marketing and lead nurturing

Newsletters revolve around the provision of content to subscribers. Personalized and quality content, which encourages retention and creates a recurring flow of traffic to your website.


Therefore, you should not use email exclusively as a way of selling or advertising products and services. It is also important to apply it as an inbound marketing tool in which automated emails play a fundamental role.


Besides, you must design a lead nurturing process so that potential customers take the action you want. As you know, not all leads behave in the same way until reaching the point of conversion. So you must take into account each stage of the conversion funnel and act accordingly on each of them.

Find out what operational marketing is and what it is for

Operational marketing

To talk about operational marketing it is necessary to refer first to the area where it is developed. In general, marketing is a very broad subject, there are planning activities, formulation of objectives, planning of strategies, implementation, and execution of activities.


In this sense, the board of any company is responsible for determining the direction of the company, determining the objectives to be achieved, and developing the strategy to achieve them.


What is operational marketing?

Operational marketing can be defined as a strategy to develop activities and actions aimed at selling a product. Its ultimate goal is to bring potential consumers all the information related to the goods or services that the company offers in the market.


Likewise, it uses as a guide the theoretical work from strategic marketing to achieve business objectives. In other words, it is not just about metrics and numbers.


With the development of actions and tactical activities of operational marketing, it is possible to meet the expected KPIs. That is, to meet the performance that is aspired concerning the efficiency and productivity of the company. Know if the decisions that have been made have been effective and if the previously formulated marketing objectives have been met.


In this sense, operational marketing directs its activities to identify opportunities in the market, and without being long-term, review policies related to the product, such as the promotion and communication of the product and its differentiating characteristics, its distribution, or its price.


Due to the time pressure with which it must act, for operational marketing to be efficient and meet the objectives, it is necessary that the decisions about the KPIs and timing on which it is based, and that the strategic marketing has previously set, be spot on.


Main functions of operational marketing

Some of the functions that operational marketing performs are:


Develop commercial activities

This function is oriented to commerce, they are strategies that consider the environment in which the company operates, to be efficient and effective they must be realistic, coordinated, planned, and with a set time.


Manage marketing groups

This activity is responsible for coordinating the activities of the people who execute the commercial policies described above.


Coordinate activities 

These are the activities that are planned and coordinated from the initial design to the distribution of the product in the market. Everything in the same integrating process is concatenated since it does not treat the actions as isolated links.


Manage product attributes

This function is related to the perception projected by the product, its image, and transmitted values. Likewise, other characteristics determine in a sociological and psychological way how consumers will see the goods and products offered by the company in the market.


Manage products

It is the function dedicated to attending to the variation in the tastes, interests, and needs of consumers, due to changes in the market. For this, they adapt the policies related to the goods and services offered by the company, in terms of their maintenance, variety, modifications, as well as the development and promotion of new products.


Features of operational marketing

The most outstanding operational marketing characteristics are:


  • It depends on the strategic decisions previously dictated by strategic marketing, so both are directly related.
  • He is partly responsible for the turnover of the company.
  • Its activity has an impact on the profitability of the business in the short term.
  • Reduces the cost of both media and resources.
  • It is aggressive, urgent, and definitely visible.
  • It is related to advertising and tools such as email marketing or mailing.

Begin Growing Your Small Business with 3 Simple Tips

In sales, one of the worst mistakes a small business owner can make is believing they only need to offer a product or service, and the work is basically done. Sure, you may be able to sell that approach to a small group of clients; but in order to reach your full potential, you must do more to grow your business. It is a prime opportunity for expanding your presence, and establishing your brand. Especially if there is no close competition. 

There will always be some kind of competition in your business, whether it is direct or indirect. It is natural for competitors to step on your toes while attempting to lure in customers. This can make growing your small business challenging, which is why you must work to get ahead!

Remember, having competition is a good thing. It pushes you to innovate, improve, and grow. Competitors challenge us in the best ways, reminding us of what we hope to achieve without products and services. Without someone to challenge us, it is easy to become complacent and reactive, disallowing us to reach our full potential. 

Therefore, in order to begin growing your small business and avoid getting left behind your competitors, consider the following:

Keep the vision of your small business clear

Stay up-to-date on trends by reading articles that pertain to your business niche. Follow what is happening in the economy in order to strategize more effectively. Most importantly, you must listen to your clients and their needs. Ask the what and why questions to get a clear picture of what you can do to make your business better. Your vision is dependent on their presence.

Be passionate

Your attentiveness to your work, the smile you bring to your clients, and your overall energy brings people together. They say a smile is contagious, and it is one of the simplest ways to make a client feel comfortable, well cared for, and heard. People can tell who loves their work, and that attitude can bond potential customers to your business for years to come. And of course, don’t forget to tell them “thank you” for their business!

You must be willing to innovate

Investigate new trends. You should not be afraid to take new steps to improve, as long as it is done with confidence. Seek to improve and innovate your products and services through refinement and customer feedback. You never want a customer to get away because they didn’t feel heard. And, of course, do not neglect your competition. 

With these three little things in mind, you will be able to remain competitive in your business, while laying the groundwork for meaningful, lasting growth. The world changes quickly around us, so we must all be prepared to change with the timesdon’t get left behind!


Learn how to create an effective lead magnet

Lead Magnet

As a company, one of our main goals is to increase your list of clients to get more sales. For this, the solution is to create an effective Lead Magnet, so you will get your business to take off.


The first thing to do is to clarify the concept. A Lead Magnet is free, quality content that is offered to users on a website in exchange for their personal data. This is composed of two essential parts: the Content, the Design.


The main objective of conducting a Lead Magnet is to increase the number of potential customers for your business, so the “gift” offered to users in exchange for their data must be quite irresistible, in other words, you must achieve that the most users download it. It is useless to offer a Lead Magnet if no user is interested in downloading it.


Likewise, you have to offer a Lead Magnet that is unique, that arouses the user’s curiosity and that they do not want to leave without having downloaded it, because the competition that uses this strategy is quite strong.


Likewise, this strategy can provide your business with a series of benefits such as; Capture potential customers if you offer content related to your products and services. Similarly, implementing a Lead Magnet on your website is very easy and cheap, and it is a way for your clients to find you on the internet.


Start creating a Lead Magnet

Below you can learn step by step how to create your Lead Magnet and make it attractive.


Step 1: validate the idea

The first thing to do before designing an effective Lead Magnet is to create your ideal customer so you know who you want to target. Above all, knowing in depth their problems, concerns, and needs. You will also have to analyze your competition to know what they are doing, and what is working for them.


But beware! This does not mean that you copy your competition, but that you try to offer something better than that.


Likewise, you must create a great value proposition. This means that even if it is free you have to “sell” it. And for that, you have to manage it. For this reason, you will have to communicate everything that they will achieve after the download, and it has to be something that they need and that implies a transformation for the user. Let there be a before and after your Lead Magnet.


A good value proposition for your Lead Magnet is one that tells how they will feel after downloading and consuming it.


Step 2: create the best content for your audience

How can you do this? Complying with the following:

  • That will be directed to your ideal client
  • Provide a lot of value
  • Have an attractive title that speaks of the final result
  • Well written, without errors


Step 3: Design like an expert

In this step, you will have to decide what will be the format in which you are going to pack your gift. It is a key element if you want to design an effective Lead Magnet.


Once the format is clear, you will have to design the cover. And this is very important because a poor quality cover will make your potential subscriber think that the content is not good.


Finally, the careful layout will enhance your corporate identity and brand. By doing this, you will be applying a good branding strategy, because you will get them to recognize your graphic footprint.


Step 4: Create subscription boxes

When designing an effective Lead Magnet, the subscription box plays a key role in your strategy. Its most important elements are a good title, a list of benefits, a 3D visualization of your Lead Magnet, and a call to action button.


Step 5: Create a page to capture emails

Even if you have a subscription box in your main banner or the footer, it is worth creating a specific page to capture subscribers. These pages are called Squeeze Page and they are very effective because the person who enters it can only subscribe to or leave the page. There is no more distraction.


Finally, as an extra tip, if you want to succeed when designing an effective Lead Magnet, I recommend that you have a welcome sequence prepared for each new subscriber who joins your list. Do not settle for sending the typical welcome email.


Your target audience has just opened a door for you (their email address) and this is clearly an opportunity to start building their trust in you.

Storytelling, why is it important for digital content?


The most important thing about Storytelling in digital content is that for consumers rather than purchasing a product, it is currently very relevant that brands create a connection, or in other words, where they tell a story that represents the values, perspective, and image and thus get closer to your customers awakening feelings that identify them.


What is storytelling?

Essentially, it is about telling stories, where they show something about the brand, and that in turn captivates or identifies consumers with it. These narratives need to be seen or feel credible, persuasive, informative, inspiring, and timely, but mostly be authentic to get them to empathize naturally.


When you start to make your storytelling, it is advisable to create an imaginary person with a first and last name that will be the one who will face all your consumers. Since the public, every day becomes more demanding waiting for stories in a context that allows them to have an immersion.


Imagine what you want to convey concretely, draw a course of action that allows you to create a story that makes a connection in a comical, aggressive, or sensitive way depending on the industry of your brand.


All brands must develop storytelling in digital content, the greatest challenge arises in the narrative elements, they have to be coherent, and that the public perceives what you want to propose. It is about telling the truth of the brand, exposing points of view to inspire your customers, this will make you top of mind of your customers concerning your competition.


Connect with your consumers

Storytelling in digital content focuses on connecting with consumers. This has become content marketing, a unique element to achieve customer loyalty because a good story can attract a customer to your brand and build loyalty with it.


By telling good stories, you can get your customers to become ambassadors for your brand. Be concerned about showing the values ​​of your company in each story you tell, carry out a research process, you should ask yourself simple questions: how would I better connect with my clients? What content do they want to see? On what platforms do they want to see these stories? This will create a mind map and a route to follow.


Google as an example of the importance of storytelling

In the words of Nathalie Picquot, Head of Branding at Google, “technology is nothing without the story behind it.” The multinational Google has been a pioneer in creating impressive storytelling and in the same simple way.


An example in the Google Search India campaign showing how to use all the tools the company offers entirely and subtly tells a tremendous story. It fantastically touches him and brings out the purest feelings by uniting old age with memories of childhood and the importance of friendship and family.


The new video platforms used by Google can give you a great advantage too, regardless of whether you are a large or small company. This example perfectly shows that just building good, meaningful, and creative stories are enough to get your brand name known globally.


YouTube, the ideal platform for storytelling

The YouTube video playback platform is not only for leisure or entertainment, but it has also become a strategic tool for advertising campaigns. Where you can reach large audiences and views for cheaper costs than traditional media.


On this platform, they can carry out A / B tests to see what their audience likes best and then launch the appropriate and elaborate message in traditional media. Well-structured storytelling can envelop the viewer, captivating him and leaving him wanting to see the story several times or recommend it to his acquaintances.


Online sale: Know the advantages of using it

Online Sale

More and more people have started into an online sale before setting up a physical store. This is due to the minimum risk and investment involved in online sales and its massive reach along with social networks. In this way, we can start by making ourselves known and getting to know the customer before assuming the expenses of a traditional (street) store.


Thus, online sales should be considered by companies as an opportunity, a means within their reach to improve the business, since they add value to the product and enhance the position of the company. Therefore, whatever your business through the Internet, electronic commerce is the best option to reach customers from all over the world.


Do you know all the advantages of online sales? Discover them below.


You reduce costs

To implement online sales, you don’t need to have all your products presented in a physical space. In fact, different companies operate on the Internet in which they only show all their inventory through their electronic commerce.


This means that you will not only save by not needing to rent or buy a place but also, you will reduce costs in everything that this implies such as electricity, Internet, etc. Likewise, if you want to have a physical store so that customers have a space to observe your products, it doesn’t need to be large. In either case, you will be reducing your costs.


Sell ​​anywhere in the world

With online sales, it is possible to put your products on sale anywhere in the world. Thus, people will not need to travel to where you are to see what you offer.


Also, all kinds of geographical and linguistic barriers are thus eliminated. Your e-commerce translated into different languages ​​will allow users to buy on your website from different countries.


It will be available at all times

This means that an online sale can be made by any customer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Regardless of when the need to purchase your products arises, or if they are in another part of the world with a different time zone.


Therefore, it is important to always have an online sales platform, and not only for certain times of the year.


Customer loyalty

Knowing the behavior of your customers when buying, the times they have placed an order in your online store, etc., you can build loyalty by offering exclusive discounts or campaigns aimed at their specific needs.


This will have a positive impact on the business. That is why, and now more than ever, it is essential to offer a good user experience when it comes to building customer loyalty.


Receive feedback on your products

The online store will allow you to receive feedback so that you can implement improvements in your business. All this, through star ratings, with the possibility of leaving comments, etc.


Besides, the customer will feel heard after their purchase. There is no better way to thank him for the confidence in purchasing your company’s products. What’s more, if you offer quality, you will have nothing to worry about. Enabling a direct channel where others can see what they can expect from a certain acquired asset is a great public exercise of trust in your business and the online sale you offer.