Conquest marketing

Conquest marketing implies a different vision of what marketing, in general, is that currently sees the consumer not only as a person with needs but also with an inner life that complements what already exists, providing a new magnitude.


Without giving up resources or imagination, conquest marketing starts from what should be the origin of any business project: the entrepreneur and his motivations.


Why conquest marketing?

This is because in the conquest of the potential client it is not enough to ask the public to love you as a brand or product. To conquer, we have to start with ourselves, ensuring that the audience is attracted to us.


Although it is a difficult task to achieve, we have to take into account that, traditionally and until now, marketing was created outside, not only the mission but also the values ​​that inspire it, focusing primarily on obtaining short-term results term forgetting everything else.


Next, you can learn and start applying the golden rules of conquest marketing.


Take care of the details

Each client is different, therefore, you must detect their tastes and anticipate their needs, in this way you can expose the options that they surely have in mind before they ask for them.


Give a sample of your work

On many occasions, providing a “sample” is an effective tool in conquest marketing. Therefore, you must consider allowing the client to “meet” you through a sample of your work, so all conquests begin.


Customer experience

This includes any sensory input – colors, lights, scents, etc. All those sensations must go hand in hand with your offer.


Keep your promises

If you don’t keep your promises, it won’t do any good if you have a “nice smile”, that is another golden rule of conquest marketing; These promises can be from delivery on time to after-sales services, etc.


For a lasting relationship with the client, you will need much more than words, clients over time have become demanding with their purchases and do not usually give second chances. So do not neglect your consumer, dedicate time to him and keep him informed at all times so that he does not forget you and your good service.


Speak the same language as your clients

Using technicalities with your customers is not a good idea in conquest marketing. Not only will you be able to make your potential client uncomfortable, but your way of communicating will be haughty for most audiences, so we recommend that you do not be pedantic, in this way you will win many more clients than you think.


Listen to your customer

If the consumer wants to express any discomfort towards your product or service, it is their right to do so. Never show indifference or rejection of opinion, especially in this digital age, and try to offer immediate solutions, for example, a product replacement or a discount on your next purchase.


Thus, you will see how a negative opinion can even become an immediate recommendation. Remember that a satisfied customer will tell one or two people, but if you have a dissatisfied customer; they will let anyone who crosses their path know it.


Communicate with your clients without suffocating them

Communicating and following up with your client are basic actions to guarantee a long-term relationship.


For this reason, we recommend that you create a suggestion box, a hotline number, or opinion polls by email; With all the information received; you will be able to make better decisions regarding the provision of your service or the development of your product.