Operational marketing

To talk about operational marketing it is necessary to refer first to the area where it is developed. In general, marketing is a very broad subject, there are planning activities, formulation of objectives, planning of strategies, implementation, and execution of activities.


In this sense, the board of any company is responsible for determining the direction of the company, determining the objectives to be achieved, and developing the strategy to achieve them.


What is operational marketing?

Operational marketing can be defined as a strategy to develop activities and actions aimed at selling a product. Its ultimate goal is to bring potential consumers all the information related to the goods or services that the company offers in the market.


Likewise, it uses as a guide the theoretical work from strategic marketing to achieve business objectives. In other words, it is not just about metrics and numbers.


With the development of actions and tactical activities of operational marketing, it is possible to meet the expected KPIs. That is, to meet the performance that is aspired concerning the efficiency and productivity of the company. Know if the decisions that have been made have been effective and if the previously formulated marketing objectives have been met.


In this sense, operational marketing directs its activities to identify opportunities in the market, and without being long-term, review policies related to the product, such as the promotion and communication of the product and its differentiating characteristics, its distribution, or its price.


Due to the time pressure with which it must act, for operational marketing to be efficient and meet the objectives, it is necessary that the decisions about the KPIs and timing on which it is based, and that the strategic marketing has previously set, be spot on.


Main functions of operational marketing

Some of the functions that operational marketing performs are:


Develop commercial activities

This function is oriented to commerce, they are strategies that consider the environment in which the company operates, to be efficient and effective they must be realistic, coordinated, planned, and with a set time.


Manage marketing groups

This activity is responsible for coordinating the activities of the people who execute the commercial policies described above.


Coordinate activities 

These are the activities that are planned and coordinated from the initial design to the distribution of the product in the market. Everything in the same integrating process is concatenated since it does not treat the actions as isolated links.


Manage product attributes

This function is related to the perception projected by the product, its image, and transmitted values. Likewise, other characteristics determine in a sociological and psychological way how consumers will see the goods and products offered by the company in the market.


Manage products

It is the function dedicated to attending to the variation in the tastes, interests, and needs of consumers, due to changes in the market. For this, they adapt the policies related to the goods and services offered by the company, in terms of their maintenance, variety, modifications, as well as the development and promotion of new products.


Features of operational marketing

The most outstanding operational marketing characteristics are:


  • It depends on the strategic decisions previously dictated by strategic marketing, so both are directly related.
  • He is partly responsible for the turnover of the company.
  • Its activity has an impact on the profitability of the business in the short term.
  • Reduces the cost of both media and resources.
  • It is aggressive, urgent, and definitely visible.
  • It is related to advertising and tools such as email marketing or mailing.