Lead Magnet

In marketing, a lead magnet is an effective technique to obtain the contact information of a potential client. It is also a tool that produces effective conversions by offering a long-form resource in exchange for a prospect’s contact information.


If worked well, a lead magnet can be the prelude to a sale. Because a person who visits your website is looking for something, has a problem or a need. And if after taking a look at your website you decide to download your magnet, you likely want to know more about yourself or how you can help even if you are not ready to buy yet.


Similarly, this strategy is not as easy as it sounds. For example, someone downloads your lead magnet and says: “Ok, I like this. I think I can solve my problem with this brand, product, or service, but for now, this is the first step”


Once they become a subscriber, you need to give them more reasons and keep wrapping them in your brand or business. Do not immediately launch an offer. Ultimately, a lead magnet can be the beginning of a good relationship, but … You can’t go by leaps and bounds or you can go wrong.


Now that you are clear about the power of a lead magnet, let’s get to know the types that work the most to attract and convert.


Types of lead magnet

  1. E-book

It’s a marketing classic that never fails, even as time goes on. You may think that in this era people no longer read, but they do. If you answer the question that most worries or intrigues the user, it can perform much better than any other lead magnet (which is why it is at the top of this list). So don’t discount it


When creating an E-book to attract a customer you must take into account:

  • Let it not be too long
  • That it is well structured
  • Preferably it has a practical part, with which to apply the theory


  1. Discount coupon

If your business is online, the best lead magnet is to offer a discount coupon on the subscription. However, it is not that simple, you should know that the user is not usually prepared to buy as soon as they arrive on your website, so it may take a while for it to be effective.


  1. Refillable template

Proposing your target audience a practical exercise through a fillable template can be quite beneficial. Especially for businesses in which the user needs a change (for example: change habits, get to know each other better, change their routine, etc.).


Likewise, you must take into account that this template must be very well structured and, as far as possible, that this lead magnet is in PDF format.


  1. Checklist

Easy to produce and practical to consume. People usually like to be taught what steps someone has to follow to perform a certain task. For example, you can make a checklist with the things that you should not forget when carrying out your first launch campaign, and much more like that. You can make a checklist of practically anything that requires a specific process.


  1. Video course

If you choose to make a lead magnet based on videos, you can prepare three or four videos with powerful content related to the problem you want to solve in your potential client and notify them that they will receive from time to time more videos of that type with valuable information.