Lead Magnet

As a company, one of our main goals is to increase your list of clients to get more sales. For this, the solution is to create an effective Lead Magnet, so you will get your business to take off.


The first thing to do is to clarify the concept. A Lead Magnet is free, quality content that is offered to users on a website in exchange for their personal data. This is composed of two essential parts: the Content, the Design.


The main objective of conducting a Lead Magnet is to increase the number of potential customers for your business, so the “gift” offered to users in exchange for their data must be quite irresistible, in other words, you must achieve that the most users download it. It is useless to offer a Lead Magnet if no user is interested in downloading it.


Likewise, you have to offer a Lead Magnet that is unique, that arouses the user’s curiosity and that they do not want to leave without having downloaded it, because the competition that uses this strategy is quite strong.


Likewise, this strategy can provide your business with a series of benefits such as; Capture potential customers if you offer content related to your products and services. Similarly, implementing a Lead Magnet on your website is very easy and cheap, and it is a way for your clients to find you on the internet.


Start creating a Lead Magnet

Below you can learn step by step how to create your Lead Magnet and make it attractive.


Step 1: validate the idea

The first thing to do before designing an effective Lead Magnet is to create your ideal customer so you know who you want to target. Above all, knowing in depth their problems, concerns, and needs. You will also have to analyze your competition to know what they are doing, and what is working for them.


But beware! This does not mean that you copy your competition, but that you try to offer something better than that.


Likewise, you must create a great value proposition. This means that even if it is free you have to “sell” it. And for that, you have to manage it. For this reason, you will have to communicate everything that they will achieve after the download, and it has to be something that they need and that implies a transformation for the user. Let there be a before and after your Lead Magnet.


A good value proposition for your Lead Magnet is one that tells how they will feel after downloading and consuming it.


Step 2: create the best content for your audience

How can you do this? Complying with the following:

  • That will be directed to your ideal client
  • Provide a lot of value
  • Have an attractive title that speaks of the final result
  • Well written, without errors


Step 3: Design like an expert

In this step, you will have to decide what will be the format in which you are going to pack your gift. It is a key element if you want to design an effective Lead Magnet.


Once the format is clear, you will have to design the cover. And this is very important because a poor quality cover will make your potential subscriber think that the content is not good.


Finally, the careful layout will enhance your corporate identity and brand. By doing this, you will be applying a good branding strategy, because you will get them to recognize your graphic footprint.


Step 4: Create subscription boxes

When designing an effective Lead Magnet, the subscription box plays a key role in your strategy. Its most important elements are a good title, a list of benefits, a 3D visualization of your Lead Magnet, and a call to action button.


Step 5: Create a page to capture emails

Even if you have a subscription box in your main banner or the footer, it is worth creating a specific page to capture subscribers. These pages are called Squeeze Page and they are very effective because the person who enters it can only subscribe to or leave the page. There is no more distraction.


Finally, as an extra tip, if you want to succeed when designing an effective Lead Magnet, I recommend that you have a welcome sequence prepared for each new subscriber who joins your list. Do not settle for sending the typical welcome email.


Your target audience has just opened a door for you (their email address) and this is clearly an opportunity to start building their trust in you.