Loyalty Program Marketing - Add Value to Your Customers and Profit to Your Bottomline


Give Your Customers Reasons to Shop More and Spend More!

It is infinitely easier to convince a current customer to buy more from your business than it is to attract a new one!

That being said, why is it we work so hard at attracting new customers/clients and neglect to reward our current ones? Why do we offer 'New Customer Specials' and forget that it is our 'old' customers that have supported us for years?

It just doesn't make sense - so turn that logic on its ear with a Customer Loyalty Marketing Program designed for your business. Such a system will encourage your clients to shop more consistently, spend a greater share with you and feel positive about the whole experience - all of which work to improve your bottom line.

The Advantages of Customer Loyalty Programs
If you want to build customer loyalty - just satisfying them and offering 'great customer service' is not enough. You need to recognize and reward your best customers!

Loyal customers buy more, are often willing to pay more and will shop more frequently. They also tend to refer more, and a customer's endorsement is more powerful than any advertising campaign you can dream up!

Creating With the End in Mind
Everyone loves to be rewarded - your customers are no exception! So you want to devise a program that offers them something they will appreciate, but also serves to increase your profit.

You want to reward your customers for behaving the way you WANT them to. For example - do you want to encourage repeat busines? Then you may try offering a punch card system that they fill up each time they visit and receive a reward at the end. Or - are you trying to entice your customers to spend more per visit? Then you may offer discounts for bulk purchases or a bulk discount club.

You can vary your offers based on the results you want. Rewards should be both attractive and attainable. Don't insult your clients by making them spend a lot to get something useless (they just won't!).

Know Your Most Profitable Customers
A bonus from good customer loyalty program is that you can generate tons of data on your customer base. This allows you to see who are your best (and worst) customers - then use that information to begin marketing to a 'look-alike' audience. For example if you discover that your best customer is a 38 year old first time mom who comes in once a week then you can create a program that speaks directly to her and increase her visits, or advertise in other places that women like her are likely to see.

Then you will also see which customers are actually costing you money and you can target your loyalty program to reward your best customers and actively dissuade the rest.

It's Time for You to Set Up a Loyalty Program
As an effective marketing tool - you just can't afford to not have one!

And once you set it up, it effectively becomes a self-sustaining machine; the more a client purchasees, the more rewards they receive, thus inspiring them to continue the purchasing!

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