Marketing channels

The highest cost for an online store or any other website is the one destined to attract its customers, therefore, we offer you a list of marketing channels with which you can attract traffic to your online store.


Below you will be able to know in detail the digital marketing channels that are essential in e-commerce:


More effective marketing channels

Search engine marketing

To position your online store in any search engine, you can choose two different ways: organic (SEO) or pay (SEM). In general terms, the objective that you intend to achieve by investing in these strategies is to make your online business appear in the top positions of the search engine, attract the consumer and finally buy from your store.



This marketing channel is one of the best solutions to grow your business, but it requires more time and effort and its results are medium and long-term. Also, it demands constant effort and research since the search algorithms of Google and others are always changing.


Likewise, once you start to see the results of good SEO, quickly become one of your most profitable channels.



One of the fastest ways to grow your e-commerce is SEM, or also called Search Engine Marketing. 


The function that these campaigns fulfill is that your ads appear in the search engines among the first results. In the past, in Google Ads, you could view the position where your ad appeared. However, now Google determined that it was not important if you appeared first, second, or third, since this did not directly influence the CTR (Click Through Rate).


The SEM channel includes multiple possibilities to grow your e-commerce, it only depends on you to choose what best suits your needs and those of your business. Besides, it is one of the most effective marketing channels, since the ads are always shown to people who are looking for something related to your site.


Social Media Marketing

These are all the strategies that are carried out through the different social media that aim to increase the traffic of an online business. However, when talking about Social Media, let’s think that it is only about social networks, it also involves other media such as YouTube and blogs.


Thus, this marketing channel implies a new form of communication, where the relationship that is generated with our clients or followers is closer. The user fulfills a different role than the one they develop on other platforms, that is, they become a participant in the generation of content that is published.


Email Marketing

If you have an online store, you must have a segment where Internet users can subscribe to a newsletter. This will help you create a subscriber base to which you can send information every certain time. Also, you can use this database to create customer lists on any advertising platform. Likewise, email marketing is also one of the channels that greatly helps customer loyalty.


Banners and Display

Another effective marketing channel to attract traffic to our online store is Display advertising. In these campaigns, elements such as images, texts, or videos are used to attract the attention of the Internet user, and that he ends up clicking, for example, on a banner, pop-up, or video.


One of the objectives for which companies tend to carry out this type of online campaign is the notoriety and perception that they want to improve from the consumer about their brand.