The most important thing about Storytelling in digital content is that for consumers rather than purchasing a product, it is currently very relevant that brands create a connection, or in other words, where they tell a story that represents the values, perspective, and image and thus get closer to your customers awakening feelings that identify them.


What is storytelling?

Essentially, it is about telling stories, where they show something about the brand, and that in turn captivates or identifies consumers with it. These narratives need to be seen or feel credible, persuasive, informative, inspiring, and timely, but mostly be authentic to get them to empathize naturally.


When you start to make your storytelling, it is advisable to create an imaginary person with a first and last name that will be the one who will face all your consumers. Since the public, every day becomes more demanding waiting for stories in a context that allows them to have an immersion.


Imagine what you want to convey concretely, draw a course of action that allows you to create a story that makes a connection in a comical, aggressive, or sensitive way depending on the industry of your brand.


All brands must develop storytelling in digital content, the greatest challenge arises in the narrative elements, they have to be coherent, and that the public perceives what you want to propose. It is about telling the truth of the brand, exposing points of view to inspire your customers, this will make you top of mind of your customers concerning your competition.


Connect with your consumers

Storytelling in digital content focuses on connecting with consumers. This has become content marketing, a unique element to achieve customer loyalty because a good story can attract a customer to your brand and build loyalty with it.


By telling good stories, you can get your customers to become ambassadors for your brand. Be concerned about showing the values ​​of your company in each story you tell, carry out a research process, you should ask yourself simple questions: how would I better connect with my clients? What content do they want to see? On what platforms do they want to see these stories? This will create a mind map and a route to follow.


Google as an example of the importance of storytelling

In the words of Nathalie Picquot, Head of Branding at Google, “technology is nothing without the story behind it.” The multinational Google has been a pioneer in creating impressive storytelling and in the same simple way.


An example in the Google Search India campaign showing how to use all the tools the company offers entirely and subtly tells a tremendous story. It fantastically touches him and brings out the purest feelings by uniting old age with memories of childhood and the importance of friendship and family.


The new video platforms used by Google can give you a great advantage too, regardless of whether you are a large or small company. This example perfectly shows that just building good, meaningful, and creative stories are enough to get your brand name known globally.


YouTube, the ideal platform for storytelling

The YouTube video playback platform is not only for leisure or entertainment, but it has also become a strategic tool for advertising campaigns. Where you can reach large audiences and views for cheaper costs than traditional media.


On this platform, they can carry out A / B tests to see what their audience likes best and then launch the appropriate and elaborate message in traditional media. Well-structured storytelling can envelop the viewer, captivating him and leaving him wanting to see the story several times or recommend it to his acquaintances.