The Art of Out-Automating Your Business Competition

Many businesses don’t know much about automating their marketing. They spin their wheels when it comes to bringing in more customers.

They don’t know how to simplify the relationship building process, nor make interacting with their customers more seamless and consistent. Business owners end up juggling a bunch of minuscule tasks at once. Ironically, they end up failing to connect with their customer base. As a result, they lose more customers than they gain.

The piece they are missing is not necessarily a full marketing team or even a coherent strategy, although those items certainly help. What they are missing is an automated marketing system.

Automating Business Marketing in a Nutshell

There are many different interpretations on what an automated marketing system entails, and not all business people agrees on a consistent definition.

Automated marketing is the magic of letting a conversion funnel the series of steps a customer takes until they buy function automatically. It is a system of workflows that take care of tasks like reaching out to the customer so you don’t have to. It’s effectively the power of technology infused into the machinery of business.  There is actual evidence that business who embrace marketing automation will actually convert more leads and make more sales than businesses who do not:

An article provided some data on the differences: “According to the Aberdeen Group, Best-in-Class marketers are 67% more likely to use a marketing automation platform, with 87% of top-performing firms using this technology.”

So what are all the ways marketing automation can help businesses? 

  • Facilitate lead / customer generation
  • Segregate your audience
  • Relay ROI analysis and reports
  • Nurture your leads for you
  • Shoot out SMS reminders and automated texts
  • Provide automated reporting from your marketing dashboard

Implementing Automation & The Human Element

So what does it take to get automated marketing started for your business? It’s true, implementing automated marketing is a cost. The software costs. The professional or agency with automation acumen is also a cost. However, over the long term, automation will put your business into that 87% of top-performing businesses. At that point, the ROI will far outweigh the initial and overhead costs.

These solutions can be implemented fairly quickly, though. The business owners should simply be prepared to make changes regarding how certain business tasks are accomplished among his staff.

These types of marketing solutions will allow business owners to truly empower their business. It will provide a line of communication between their leadership and their customer, and also ensure that leads are treated like humans.

Some may believe sending automated emails to people is antithetical to being human. However, when people try to run their marketing processes without the help of automation, they may begin to miss leads and fail to connect with their audience. In this regard, they actually disconnect their business from their customer base. With automated marketing, connecting with customers becomes so much easier and cleaner.

If you believe it is time to automate your business, feel free to reach out and schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss whether marketing automation is right for you and your business:

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