5 Tips to Supercharge Your Website and Attract Customers

Having a well-designed website in terms of structure and organization tends to attract more people

If you create a website to promote your brand, company, foundation, or initiative, it must be functional and easy-to-use so that it can compete on the marketplace.

Most people think an overly complex design might look good, but the reality is that it scares users away. A cumbersome website will increase your “bounce” rate, which means users will leave before exploring the site and purchasing your product.

Simplicity and practicality, combined with creativity, represents the perfect formula for any project to go from being lackluster to being a beautiful page that creates customers.

Here are 5 tips that will supercharge your website and turn it into a money-making machine.

1) Keep Your Website Simple

First impressions are vital for the survival of your landing pages. Websites with too many links, copy, tabs, or windows will overwhelm your visitor. The average user will take one glance at a website and decide whether to stay or leave. If the website seems daunting and nothing makes sense, the user will navigate to your competitors website instead.

A simple design is better than a complex one. The user must be able to navigate the site easily, without needing to provide info unless they are ready to make a purchase. There is nothing that burdens the consumer more than having to register or sign up without getting something in return.

2) 1, 2, 3, SOLD!

Involving too many complex design pieces or endless technical explanations that lead nowhere, will cause you to lose a sale. Make the steps for your customer to purchase your product straightforward.  The easier it is for someone to navigate your site, the greater the likelihood they will buy from you.

One strategy to make sure the user appreciates your design is to conduct usability testing, or user experience testing. Usability testing is akin to running an experiment and determining if the website is user friendly. It also determines whether all the important items on the website are right where the users expects them. At H2M Solutions, we can conduct usability testing if the site is not performing up to par.

3) Don’t Forget the Menu

Oftentimes users feel overwhelmed by the navigation menu. If you have several sections on your website, make them easy to locate! Also make the menu appear on all pages. The user should feel like the menu is “chasing them.” These small details will ensure your customer has a great experience while using your website.

It is also very useful for your site to have a “Site Map.” Having this feature will make allow the user to navigate back to the main page or other pages without much hassle. The site map will also provide “breadcrumbs” that will link the user back to previous pages without the headache of having to click the back button unnecessarily.

4) Use Old Stuff?

The internet has been around for many years. Users have become accustomed to certain features and design elements. These features, such as Log in, About, Products, and other essential buttons for business sites are important. Don’t dismiss them by trying to be unique or fancy. They will allow your customer to feel at home, and your website will flow more naturally from one link to the next.

5) Responsive Website Design

The desktop has not been the only device people use to surf the web. In fact, most visitors probably discover your website via a mobile device initially. In this sense, business site and landing page designs should take a “mobile first” approach to building a site, which means focusing on designing the page for cell phones and tablets and mini-devices first.

Supercharge your Landing Pages

These tips will supercharge your website and make it more attractive to your customers. With any luck you will be converting users to customers without any problem.

If you require assistance in developing your landing page, or you need some design work help, feel free to reach out. We provide free consultations for curious business owners, and offer service packages for web design, graphics, and marketing automatons. Use the following link to schedule an appointment:

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