Strategies for Bolstering Your Social Media Presence

Social media has become the communication method par excellence for the majority of the population. Social media allows us to interact with people anywhere in the world, gather news as it emerges, and nurture our interests. 

Thanks to social media, it is easier to interact with the public, advertise content, and reach potential clients. We can even discover communities that are attracted to our business offering. 

Strategies to position your business through social media

Several studies have shown it is increasingly difficult to keep our attention focused. In fact, capturing the attention of potential customers is even more difficult in a digital age.

To overcome this challenge and achieve the expected success, it is not enough just to publish constantly. It is necessary to take into account certain strategies. What strategies should we employ? 

Meet the public on social media

We should use social media to identify and segment our target market and ideal customer. Leveraging social media ad targeting and communities/groups strengthens our ability to discover our customer base. 

Create a valuable lead magnet

Lead magnets allow us to capture leads. A lead magnet is content we give potential customers to generate interest in our business. A lead magnet is offered in exchange for a potential customer’s email. Lead magnets are powerful, because they allow us to build a database of potential clients who have given us permission to market our product to them. 

We can offer  a variety of content as a lead magnets through social media, such as: 

  •  eBooks
  •  Free trials or product demos
  •  Tutorials, manuals, and guides
  •  Podcast
  • Checklists

Focus on clarity

One thing we should remember is to maintain clarity in our communications. If we write too much or diverge from the point, we can easily lose our customer’s attention. Some have said we exist in an “attention economy,” where digital marketing is as much about keeping attention as it is selling a product. On social media, focused attention exists in short supply.

 Create stories

In particular, social media is a great platform for creating stories that captivate an audience. To do captivate an audience, we must create a compelling story with a hero and an obstacle they have to overcome. However, to create a story that converts, we must not be too pushy or spammy. Creating a story is not easy, but a powerful story grabs attention and sells product. 

Reward the Audience

Rewarding our audience for following us on social media, subscribing to our content, or buying a product is a great way to get the attention of potential customers and promote our business. We can reward our audience with discounts, premium content, or other perks. However, we must be careful not to over-reward our audience, lest our efforts lose their power. 

Apply SEO Proper

The stronger the SEO more likely people will access our sites; therefore, it is important to use keywords and and conduct on-site and off-site SEO. Use SEO plugins like Yoast on WordPress to maximize our site’s potential. 

Good SEO is not only based on the content, though. We should ensure the images, links, videos, web design, loading speed, and parts of the site are functioning properly and work flawlessly. Here are some other important factors to consider: 

  • Have clear and friendly menus, with internal search engines and categories for content
  • Have buttons to share content on social networks
  • Use buttons to follow the site on networks

Your site must be able to adapt to different devices

Promote interaction on social media

Social networks allow us to interact easily with users. So we should make our audience like feel part of a community. We should give them the option to comment or interact in some way. 

Further, it is important to generate organic engagement. Strategies such as interest debates, surveys, content groups, and problem-solving can help us get closer to our followers. If we promote this type of interaction, it will inevitably cause our business to grow and evolve because we’ve simultaneously created a burgeoning community. 

Provide quality content

Remember it is not enough for your company to have a profile on different social networks. It is also necessary to have a blog to provide value to the general public. In this sense, it is important to generate quality content that resonates with users and is differentiated from our competitors content. Creating content that looks and feels like everyone else will not make us stand out above the crowd.

Our content must be interesting, pleasant, dynamic, and easy to grasp. The content should include photos, infographics, videos, podcasts, or webinars. People have a tendency to gravitate toward visual content that resonates with them on an emotional level. 

Set posting times on social media

We must know the best times to publish content on social media. This is essential to achieving more engagement. Usually, the schedule varies according to the audience and the content, but using Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics will provide you with useful metrics regarding when your audience is most active.

Analyze the results

All of the strategies above are useful, but if we do not analyze and measure our results, they are useless. Leveraging metrics can give us insight into what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. And some ideas that work for some companies may not work for others. The only way to know is to leverage data analytics to determine the proper course of action. 

Analytics help us understand our audience and the impact we are having on the networks. Sometimes it is not enough to have a great idea, we must also know how to analyze our results. The path to success on social media is about creating a great idea, marketing that idea, developing community, selling a product, and then determining your success or failure using analytical tools.