Say “Thank you!”

Gratitude can open many doors. Being grateful is an attitude that, unlike any other, has the power to change minds and improve moods. If we were grateful to everything around us throughout each day, we can profoundly change our lives and the lives of others.

When our chests swell with gratitude, we practically enter into another dimension: we can fly! Gratitude is magical and beautiful. It is easy for gratitude to seem impossible, when we live life fighting against adversaries, handling crisis situations, or struggling with anxiety. However, gratitude is the key to making these problems manageable. 

When we are in charge of a company, conveying gratitude can be difficult. However, appreciation through gratitude is a fundamental factor in growing a business. Being grateful to your employees for the quality of their services will improve labor relations. It will also encourage workers to show pride in their work, so challenges they may face will become less burdensome. 

How does “Thank You” impact the business area?

Gratitude is one of the most significant emotions that human beings can feel. it leads to becoming aware of receiving something special and it is not necessarily a physical object. It can be a gesture, a word, or an action. It is about appreciating the value and meaning of what is happening around us.

At the business level, appreciation is part of a success factor, even if its importance goes unnoticed. Gratitude generates many benefits for the work environment, humanizes institutions, promotes motivation, and adds additional meaning to the process. Sadly, many companies do not know how to make it part of its core values, and they lose out on potential for more growth. 

Why show gratitude in your business?

It helps businesses grow! Appreciation goes a long way in creating healthy bonds between team members. It creates similar bonds with customers and suppliers as well. Gratitude undoubtedly has a boomerang effect. When it is demonstrated it returns to our businesses tenfold in the form of satisfied employees and customers. 

What are the Benefits of  saying “Thank You” at your business?

  • Improve communication channels with your team.
  • Serves as a motivating element.
  • Creates distinction by being known as an institution that considers and values the efforts of its people.
  • Promotes the creation of a healthy business environment.

How can we show appreciation in the company?

A great way to show our appreciation is to be sincere. Being authentic is the key to make sense of our messages, regardless of whether it is through official meanings or in a very serious context. The important thing is that the truthfulness of the gratitude is transmitted.

We also have to take into account that very formal documents or texts are not necessarily required. Sometimes a note that says “good job” or “thank you for your participation and effort” will achieve much more than a doing something more elaborate. 

Short and more direct messages tend to give it a more personal touch. They bring human warmth to the image of the institution. Above all, some people tend to think of large organizations as soulless machines, and demonstrating gratitude helps transform that image. 

Equality and Emotional Salary Within the Organization

All employees should be treated equal. Not treating certain in-groups with special privileges or leaving aside some sector of the company’s personnel, will make everyone feel like part of the team. It will even raise morale, leading to better customer service and better results. 

Although gratitude does not directly imply financial recognition, it is important to note that a good salary and fair benefits will always provide a powerful incentive for employees. At the same time, providing them with an emotional salary is an excellent way to reward in itself. Emotional salary is paying attention to the relationships and showing gratitude to employees who exceed expectations. 

Gratitude and recognition for the achievements and work goals reached are two highly effective strategies that can stimulate employees to do well. It also creates a feeling of equality, so long as everyone is included in the company’s policy of gratitude giving. 

Take gratitude as a habit. Do not exaggerate!

As leaders, we must also demonstrate sincerity and authenticity. All the advice described here is not an instruction to utter the word “thank you” and say it every moment like a robot. Gratitude should be shown in the moment with authenticity. It should be conveyed with spontaneity and honesty. 

Remember that when our staff is happy, satisfied, and grateful, productivity levels increase, commitment to work increases, and the work environment is strengthened daily.