Trends in PPC

Putting your opinion on the table about trends in PPC or another topic for the following year is always a challenge. Even in the case of technology, more so. As has been happening in these months of change and uncertainty, everything points to the fact that by 2021, the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to set the social and economic rhythms at the global level.


The same happens in the online environment since it will be essential to be very attentive to adapt to the new needs of users.


Trends in PPC

#1 In 2021 Automation in PPC will take over

Machine Learning systems based on Artificial Intelligence applied to the management of our PPC advertising campaigns will play an even greater role throughout 2021.


It is not a secret that in response to the constant legislative revisions on the Data Privacy Policy, Google has implemented strategies such as the elimination of third-party cookies by 2022, or the constant decrease in the data of Ads that offered us regarding the evolution of our campaigns.


This fully affects the application of a PPC strategy based on this data that gives us an idea of ​​the behavior and interaction of users.


As a consequence of this new scenario in which Google imposes its rules and its control, the logical need arises for advertisers to seek a strategic alternative to put the game chips in the correct box and that this leads to an increase in ROI.


And this is where automation comes in. The use of automation tools for the management of our Ads campaigns is responsible for adjusting and applying the best strategy through audience segmentation, generation, and classification of new keywords, CTR prediction, and the creation of new ads. All fully automatic, thus being the first of the trends in PPC for this new year.


Besides, the use of Long-tail Keywords that can open so many opportunities concerning the scope of our campaigns, but whose classification and manual management is overwhelming, becomes a viable option with the use of automation tools.


# 2 local PPC on the rise

Another of the trends in PPC that have been generated since 2020 is the orientation of campaigns towards local businesses.


While recent years have been defined by global trade at the forefront of online shopping demands, the different mobility restrictions and general fear of products from abroad caused by the coronavirus, have led to searches related to “Available Near Me” products have exploded globally.


This creates an opportunity. Offers that appeal to a secure purchasing process for the customer will play to an advantage in the new terrain of general uncertainty that we do not know when it will change.


Every time we will find more information on the front line about, for example, the stock available according to the user’s location, updating of different purchase or service options, and even different offers for different stores.


# 3 The Buyer Persona experience will lead the way

To determine the success of our campaigns, the buyer persona is a crucial element, so in 2021, the trends in PPC will be based on the diversification and launch of multiple campaigns aimed at different audiences.


Now more than ever, it is essential to work the user experience well. Thus, proof of this is the establishment of Responsive Design as an essential feature in the design of any online experience. And is that currently, most of the user searches come from mobile devices.


But it will not only be important to work on the user experience at a visual level. Let’s not forget that after any purchase process, there is always a user with a need to cover. Need that often responds to a series of emotional issues that we must allude to with our advertisements. Currently, it does not work just to show the offer to the potential customer: you have to connect with them.


Therefore, we will find more and more creativity in the conception and writing of ad copy for Ads, with content that appeals to rational and emotional needs.


# 4 Video Marketing as an Ads format

Considering the importance of user experience, we cannot ignore the way that users consume different types of content and the benefits of each. It is not by chance, therefore, that video is gaining strength within Ads as trends in PPC.


Likewise, it has been shown that the audiovisual format connects better with users and helps them understand better and more quickly the qualities of the products and services offered. Also, the presence of video pieces increases the time that users spend on a web page since it generates trust towards the product.


Not to mention the fact that today, any average user can use their mobile device to create an audiovisual piece of more than worthy quality.


# 5 Diversified PPC strategy

Finally, but not least among the trends in PPC, there are diversified strategies, which have been intensified due to Covid-19.


In other words, the increase in online purchases derived from the quarantine periods and mobility restrictions has ended up breaking down a barrier of mistrust towards the digital environment that still dragged a good sector of the population.


So with this new influx of more technological users, many online platforms have made new avenues to exploit other avenues of monetization. Among them, their own Ads services.


Thus, it opens up the possibilities for advertisers to complement their Google Ads campaigns with other platforms in their PPC strategy.