Grow your business online

At present, it seems that businesses are more conducted via internet than by other means. Proof of this is the fact that approximately 70% of people look for information before agreeing to buy a product or service. Therefore, if you want to know exactly how to grow your business on the Internet, you can use this type of information to your advantage and start taking advantage of it.

That is why in this article you will be able to get the best tips to be able to grow your business on the internet and thus increase your sales.

How can you grow your business online?

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Now that mobile devices have become the leaders in online searches, it is necessary to implement AMP, this especially necessary to help web pages load faster on mobile devices, It is also key to significantly improve the user experience.

Therefore, make sure your website is mobile friendly and fast loading amp.


As we said before, more and more traffic is coming from mobile devices, and your site must be correctly indexed to be competitive in the SERPs.

So, your website or online store has to be fully responsive, that is, optimized for mobile devices. With its move to the mobile-first index, Google is effectively asserting that mobile is leading the way in the search. A mobile-first strategy is that you take into account the types of searches that are normally carried out on mobile and through that, you will develop the most suitable content for those searches.

SEO strategy

Thanks to the various SEO techniques in search engines, the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines will improve, which can help you grow your business online considerably.

Likewise, it is important to keep your SEO strategies updated. With this, you will be telling Google exactly what you want, that it knows about your Online Store, and the content of your site, if you know how to use it well; this is a great advantage in digital marketing for those who know how to take advantage of it.

Increase website speed

The loading speed of your site will affect the user experience and your SERP rankings, so another of the easiest ways to grow your online business is to make sure your site loads quickly. Faster load times increase the likelihood that users will stay on your page, engage with it, and possibly purchase.

Optimize your images

By investing in good product photography and properly optimizing images with keyword-focused alt tags, your images will have a better chance of showing up in SERP image packages and potentially grow your business online.

Social Media

To grow your business online exponentially, the person who is in charge of your company’s social media has to go hand in hand with everything said above to achieve an active and positive presence of your company on the internet.

Pay attention to your competitors

It is important to analyze what strategies are working for your competition and why.

Then you will build yours more effectively. We recommend that you try using emotional triggers like “free shipping for a limited time” to create urgency and increase impulse purchases. This can work for true impulsive shoppers, as well as those who have been researching your product and are waiting for an offer to come through.