Branding and Marketing

When running a business, how do you put yourself out there? That, is marketing. On the same, who are you? What is your identity? That, is branding. These are two different things but with so many similarities that they end up confusing people. They are similar and connected, but they are different. Let’s jump in and get a better understanding of marketing and branding.


Marketing your brand means utilizing specific tools to help you deliver the message of the brand. Just like your products and services change, marketing continually changes and evolves. Marketing uses tools and techniques to make people aware of your products and services.

Marketing is direct and specific. It is geared towards specific sectors of a target audience while supporting your brand’s core message and values. Unlike branding, marketing is broad. It can be a mix of photos, videos, text, keywords, graphs, and charts. It is performed online or offline using different methods.

In simpler terms, marketing is the tools, techniques and actions you take as a brand to connect with clients to get them to purchase your products or services. It is a set of defined tools, strategies, and processes that actively promote your products and services.


Branding is the process of shaping your business’ identity. Branding is who you are as a business. It identifies you as a business and sets you apart from others. Creating a brand identity gives your business character and provides a narrative of what your business offers, where it leads, and why you do it.

Branding is a more internalized marketing practice. It is a set of brand expressions that attracts and nurtures a target audience to become and remain customers. Branding expresses everything your brand is all about, from the differentiation strategies to the personality and purpose of the brand. It can be visual or verbal.

Contrary to what most people think, branding isn’t about your logo or logo design. This is a simple part of the entire branding process. Branding is marketing in itself. It is a marketing practice to actively shape your brand. With branding, you define who you are as a business or company.

Marketing is used by a business to promote a product or service, while branding is used to shape a brand and identify who you are. As a company, you need to have strategies for both marketing and branding, and they must have a different set of goals and results.

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