Landing pages

Before you know the main reasons to use landing pages, you must first know what they are.


A landing page is a web page created solely to convert the visitor that comes from a specific marketing and communication campaign. This means, attract potential users and customers interested in our ad, our brand, our products, or our services.


Likewise, to convert the users who visit that page into leads, it is essential that the content is useful for the user and that the design is attractive. The purpose is to obtain the user’s data, generally through a contact form. They can be created for specific actions or campaigns such as: attracting customers interested in a product or service, registering for an event, downloading an ebook, among others.


Next, know the most important reasons why you should use a landing page as part of your marketing strategy.


Conversion rate increase with landing pages

We understand that with a conversion we seek specific objectives: obtain contact information, sell a product, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. Landing pages help you convert visitors into opportunities, but you must bear in mind that they alone will not do all the work. In them, they should have forms, CTAs, and good materials that are relevant to your ideal audience.


Get information from your leads

This information helps to pre-qualify people who requested quotes on your website or, in the case of people who downloaded materials from your website, you can get information from that person and if you use a digital marketing automation tool, you can monitor the person on your website.


Gives you credibility with landing pages

Your landing pages make you have credibility with those who visit them and that is because you are building value, showing that you understand the matter.


The moment you build value with your visitors, you automatically increase your chances of that visitor becoming a lead or even a business opportunity for your company. Of course, this only happens if you are really offering your visitors something that really has value to them.


Segment your audience

Segmenting your customer database helps you target specific audiences through personalized campaigns. If you have a foundation that is grounded in a particular offer, such as an ebook or a discount, your landing page can serve as a built-in targeting device, allowing you to effectively nurture these prospects in the future.


Landing pages are quick to implement

You can implement landing pages quickly, which allows you a lot of agility to generate campaigns. To achieve this, you need: Define your main objective, think about what you want to communicate and to whom, and prepare copies and images or videos.


Landing pages are a place to post all your offers

Marketing offers and landing pages go hand in hand. Without being hosted behind a landing page, those offers won’t achieve any change in lead generation. Besides, its landing pages need the user to “pay” to download their information by filling in their contact details and thus starting their sales process.


Provide material for other marketing channels

A successful digital strategy relies heavily on content. In this sense, landing pages are a great addition to your marketing team’s content arsenal as they can be shared on social media, used as a hook for your email shipments, linked to digital advertising, or even found by search organic.