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Who We Are and Why Choose H2M
To begin with, we have been in business in Texas for over 15 years. So, we know, understand and fully appreciate what a you as the business owner go through on a daily basis. We started small and built the business with bootstrapping, grit and determination – all while making our fair share of mistakes, but also experiencing more than a few successes.

We started in 2005 by building websites and ranking them so that they would be found by the customers searching online. And we have created all types of sites – one page brochure type websites, lead generation websites, retail websites, physician websites, full e-commerce websites – and everything in between.

Then, in 2012, our clients began asking us to help them bring more customers in the door – a task near and dear to our hearts!

So, in addition to building beautiful websites that rank, we have helped businesses of all sizes develop marketing plans that work to make sure their ideal customer is coming in the door to do business with them – over and over again.

Our clients tell us that we are the first people that have helped them really understand what will work for them in marketing their business and that they finally see their advertising dollars working. THIS is why we do what we do.

What Our Clients Say

H2M Solutions has been one of the best decisions my company has made. I am co-owner of Cornerstone Custom Homes, and they have been fantastic to work with. Our website was good, but H2M made it great! Our social media advertising was ok, but they have completely turned it around for us. If you are looking to take your marketing to the next level for your business, I would highly recommend H2M Solutions!
Matt LoudermilkCornerstone Custom Homes

H2M Acts as Your Business' Fractional Marketing Department

As a small to mid-sized company, you may not be quite ready to hire your own marketing department. Or you just don't want the hassle of training and managing that type of department. That's where we come in.

We work as your outsourced marketing department and bring a full-service marketing company to the table - at a fraction of the cost. You get all of the benefit and none of the hassle.

​With over 15 years of experience in the industry we know what it takes to produce results.

You want to KNOW your marketing dollars are working! We specialize in creating a client attraction system that works to bring in your ideal client 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and monitizing that system.

And because we do not work on commission or only work with one media, we are not bound to one tool, one service, one tactic or fad.

We are committed to finding the process and strategies that are most beneficial for YOU and YOUR business.

What You Get When You Work With Us

Full-Service Marketing Team

We are an extension of your team without the overhead. We bring a full suite of marketing tools to the table and help you determine which work best for your goals.

Lower Overhead

Outsourcing your marketing team means you are not paying the overhead and expenses of full-time employment.

Marketing Best Practices

Our job is to stay on top of marketing best practices, so you don't have to do the research and learn the tools. We also have an extensive network of highly qualified marketing specialists to make sure we are on the cutting edge in this digital era.

Cost-Effective Strategies

You will know what is in the plan and what the budget is before we start. And then know what it takes to scale!


We aren't selling you a product, we are crafting and then implementing a full marketing plan. This means we will stick around to be accountable for the performance and the results of that plan.


If it doesn't work - why do it? And we are going to find out what actually DOES work! We are here to deliver results - and won't stop until we do.

Freedom to Do What YOU Do Best

Because you know our plan and strategies are predictably bringing you more business, you can relax and focus on running that business.

We work with you to develop YOUR story about YOUR business in order to attract YOUR ideal customers and then give them reasons to come back over and over. This is what brings in revenue!

So, if you have ever been confused by the options in digital marketing, wondered what terms like SEO marketing actually means (OR if you really need it), or wondered about the latest technology and if it’s right for you, we can explain it to you in real English and help you understand exactly what will work for YOU.