Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that has proven to be one of the most effective if your goal is to get potential customers and retain the ones you already have.


Thus, content marketing attracts numerous benefits for your company. However, to achieve them requires a previously worked strategy and the need to be creative when choosing the type you will use. Therefore, planning is one of the key aspects of this type of campaign.


In the same way, content marketing serves to attract users who may be interested in your products or services at the same time that it helps you create an appropriate brand image based on the generation of your own valuable content.


Now, you want to know the most valuable and effective types of content marketing to generate income?



The Post, to date, are the primary method within a content marketing plan. Its use is because it is only about writing.


Regardless of whether your writing is perfect or not, unlike other types of publications, this type of content marketing should not pose any problem. You can write what you want but above all, what your target audience needs to read. Besides, you can combine it with other media such as images, videos, and many others.



If you are one of those who do not like to write very much and you are more inclined towards graphics, then infographics are your ideal type of content marketing. People increasingly consume more information at the graphic level. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of publication has become a very useful tool for creating content.


A clear example of this is those people who do not have time to read an entire article and who could use an infographic that summarizes all the content.



Video is one of the newest types of content marketing and the one that is having the most boom in the digital world. It is not for nothing, many digital marketing experts confirm that video is going to have more and more relevance in the digital world, so it is not surprising to see that there is more and more information in videos, as well as written.



In general terms, podcasts are audio recordings that are available on the internet so that anyone can listen to them whenever and wherever they want. Likewise, it can be downloaded which makes it even easier to consume.


Also, it is another of the types of content marketing that has emerged due to the little time (and attention) that people have to read an entire post.



These are live lectures that are often used to teach or inform something. It is a great marketing strategy to make content since it denotes a lot of professionalism.


Likewise, these types of conferences are usually well prepared and accompanied by good slides, which can help you better convey the information you want your audience to know. The most suitable thing is that it is useful content, but you can also talk about your new product/service or a new launch campaign.


Online courses

Taking online courses is one of the most widely used types of content marketing today, as well as others that take much more effort.


So, many of these online courses are carried out through videos where a person explains a specific topic, shows what they are doing on their computer, or also through slides in which a speaker explains while passing one after another.