Copywriting and SEO

It seems incredible that just when you start to understand what copywriting and SEO is, you get to the point where you know that they mix.


Well yes, although it seems capricious, the truth is that copywriting and SEO are necessary for a web page.


It will not be news to anyone to say that the texts you write for your website have a great weight in the way that Google shows results for any search. The quality of the content and its quantity are one of the fundamental pillars when it comes to positioning a website in search results.


But not just good copywriting is something you have to do to get ahead of the search engines. Users are also attracted by useful and quality content, promoting conversions, and making your website become a benchmark for your readers.


So that we can fully understand the importance of copywriting and SEO, we must define them one by one, and then see the mix that they can become.


What is copywriting?

For starters, “Copy” means sales-oriented text. “Writing” means to write. Therefore, copywriting is the writing of texts oriented to the sale. Likewise, there are 2 main types of copywriting: “generalist or creative copywriting” and “direct response copywriting”.


Generalist or creative copywriting is done by copywriters who normally work in an advertising agency. The best-known function of agency copywriters is taglines.


Likewise, the objective of direct response copywriting is for the reader to perform a certain action. This action can be a purchase, a donation, download a file, subscribe to a newsletter, and others.


In this sense, the most used copywriting in the online world is a direct response. In other words, all copy that appears on web pages, email marketing, and social media ads is direct response copywriting.


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization; which has become a discipline whose objective is that web pages obtain a privileged position in search engines.


Currently, there are several search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, or others; but it is no secret that it is Google who leads the list as the most used.


Now the question is: how do you get that a web page is optimized so that Google places it in its first positions? For this there are 2 types:


SEO on page

It is a series of techniques that are applied inside the web page that you want to position.


Off-page SEO

This type of SEO is basically link building. Link building consists of the fact that there are a series of links that point to your page. If the links that point to your page come from quality pages, it is a factor that helps your positioning.


So now that we’ve gone over the terms separately, we’ll talk about copywriting and SEO as one to support your marketing strategy.


Copywriting and SEO as one

When we talk about copywriting and SEO as one, we refer to the specialized way of writing online that contains phrases and keywords, these phrases and keywords are what the reader who comes to your website writes in the Google search box (or any other search engine) to find the information you want, helps online content to get a better position in search results, and the best thing is that it attracts qualified traffic.


Why is copywriting and SEO important?

The most prominent reason that explains the importance of the use of copywriting and SEO has to do with the existence of the Internet. The fact of being on the internet already creates a need for us to use these two essential aspects correctly.