Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing strategies have become very important in the world of digital marketing. In fact, these strategies are a fundamental piece in any action that aims to attract the consumer. For this, content and experiences are offered that are not invasive.


Likewise, inbound marketing strategies try to make themselves visible to the consumer in a natural way. And, for this, betting on quality content is the most important thing.


In this way, web positioning, content, and social networks worked together are essential for inbound marketing strategies to work. 


Do you know what are the main benefits for brands that bet on this type of inbound marketing strategies?


  • Attract quality leads. The fact of combining good content with different marketing techniques attracts quality leads to your website.
  • Improve branding and brand recognition.
  • Marketing automation. The ability to attract and educate the user through automated messages and interactions is an aspect to be considered by any company. Besides, personalization is one of the fundamental pieces to optimize any strategy.
  • Users are loyal. In addition to adding new customers, inbound marketing strategies facilitate the loyalty of those already captured.


Some of the channels that every inbound marketing strategy should consider:


Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategies that rely on owned media for distribution. The owned media are the media or channels that a certain brand owns. 


Spaces through which the brand communicates with its viewers, users, or subscribers. In other words, it is the company itself that has the power and exclusive rights over the publication. The one that sets the rules of the game.


However, it is important to understand that content marketing is not the same as creating a corporate blog. Taking into account the behavior, needs, and keywords related to the buyer persona your brand is targeting, it will be much easier for you to determine what type of content to create and share.



SEO and content marketing strategies are the perfect combo to improve web positioning in the main search engines. And for that very reason, you must learn how to write SEO optimized content.


Otherwise, you will not increase organic traffic to your website. And there is nothing better than achieving natural positioning. Having a quality website and optimized content ensures that Google’s tracking technology will identify and index the content on your site so that it is displayed naturally to users who are interested in it.


Social Media

In inbound marketing strategies, offering good content is not everything. In fact, if you add to that a fluid, interesting, and constant conversation with your audience, you will be closer to succeeding.


Determining which platforms are most relevant to your target audience is one of the first steps you should take. An arduous task but one that is worth it. Social networks are an ideal platform for companies and users to interact and exchange opinions. And, besides, the different social ads allow high levels of segmentation.


Email marketing and lead nurturing

Newsletters revolve around the provision of content to subscribers. Personalized and quality content, which encourages retention and creates a recurring flow of traffic to your website.


Therefore, you should not use email exclusively as a way of selling or advertising products and services. It is also important to apply it as an inbound marketing tool in which automated emails play a fundamental role.


Besides, you must design a lead nurturing process so that potential customers take the action you want. As you know, not all leads behave in the same way until reaching the point of conversion. So you must take into account each stage of the conversion funnel and act accordingly on each of them.